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20 Things to do at HOME- Ideas for entertaining the entire family!

Monday, March 30, 2020   /   by Roxana Khoshandish

20 Things to do at HOME- Ideas for entertaining the entire family!

Thank you for staying at HOME! :)

This is the BEST thing we can do, besides hand washing! :), to help beat COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here is a list of ideas to keep you and your family entertained during quarantine.

Be Safe and Have Fun!

Things to do at Home
1 5 thinking games for kids https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/five-thinking-games-for-kids
2 Indoor activities for Tweens https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/indoor-activities-tweens
3 Strategy Game: 9 Holes Game https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/nine-holes-game/
4 Make a Paper Horse that Walks! https://frugalfun4boys.com/paper-horse-that-walks/
5 Dots & Boxes Game https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/dots-boxes-game-indoor-game-can-play-instantly
6 Card Game: Help Your Neighbour https://frugalfun4boys.com/help-your-neighbor/
7 Science experiment: Salt Volcano https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/salt-volcano/
8 Family Minute to Win it Challenges https://frugalfun4boys.com/minute-win-it-challenges-family-games/
9 Spoons Card Game https://www.coffeecupsandcrayons.com/family-card-games-how-to-play-spoons/
10 Multiplication Dice Game https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/multiplication-dice-game/
11 Create Art with Shaving Cream https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/shaving-cream-art
12 Memory Games for Kids https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/memory-games-for-kids
13 Stained Galss Window projects for kids https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/kids-stained-glass-window-projects
14 40 Card Games for Kids https://www.deliacreates.com/40-card-games-kids/
15 Math Art Projects for Kids https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/math-art-projects-kids
16 Toy Car Play ideas https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/toy-car-play-ideas/
17 Brian Tickling Waiting Games https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/waiting-games-for-kids
18 Startegy Game: 3-in-a-row Game https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/tsoro-yematatu/
19 Pen & Paper Games https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/pen-and-paper-games/
20 Card Puzzle: 5 pointed star https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/five-pointed-star-math-card-puzzle/

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