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Your Referrals Help Our Community Youth!

**Our Team is Proud to Support "The DAM" Youth Drop-in Center**

The DAM youth drop-in center in Mississauga (www.thedam.org) is our real estate team’s chosen worthy cause to support.  We donate a portion of our income on EVERY home sale to the DAM.  From Sept 2017 to Dec 2018 we donated over $4,400

Our Goal is to Donate $10,000 by Feb 2020!

Please help us Reach and Exceed this goal
by referring to us anyone who's planning to buy or sell real estate. N
ot only will they benefit from our award-winning services, they will also help make a difference in our community! 

PLUS, once your referral closes a deal through us you will be entitled to receive $500 off any commission package when you buy or sell with us!

 To Refer Your Family and Friends: 

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Keep reading to learn a little about the DAM. Visit their website to get the whole picture www.thedam.org

Who is The DAM and What Do They Do?

The DAM is a Not-for-profit organization, a youth drop-in Center in Mississauga.  It’s run by paid and volunteer staff and mentors.  The first location officially opened in July 1995

Through building relationships with the youth, mentors encourage youth to discover who they are and know where they are going, to make a positive impact in the world as they reach toward their full potential

The DAM currently has 2 locations. In Meadowvale and in Cooksville

Over 200 youth drop in regularly at each location. Over 70% attend programs each week

 What is an ACE Score?

An ACE score (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is a tally of different types of abuse, neglect, and other hallmarks of a rough childhood. Higher the score higher the risk of health/social problems later in life.  Problems such as alcoholism, depression, suicide, and domestic violence                                             

About 30% of the youth attending the DAM drop-in center have a high ACE score (4+)

Why is Our Team Supporting The DAM?

Studies have shown that intervention can lesson harms, and prevent future risks for these individuals 

The mentors & staff at The Dam are intervening by building positive and respectful relationships with the youth. Helping them overcome issues and help make the road to success a little bit smoother for them increasing the chances for becoming active and contributing members of our society

How Are We Supporting The DAM?

We donate a portion of our income on every home sale to the DAM.  Between Sept 2017 and Dec 2018 we donated over $4,400 thanks to all our past clients and their referrals who did business with us

Our goal now is to reach $10,000 in donation by Feb 2020
 In addition to our regular donations, we also participate in the Coldest Night of the Year Fundraiser Walk with all donations going to the DAM. In Feb 2018 we raised $1,000 and Plan to do the same every year from now on!

What Do the Youth Say About The DAM?

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